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Avgolemono Soup

Simply Recipes is one of my favorite recipe sites. I made this one exactly as written, though I did add some freshly-ground white pepper. Future versions I make may include asparagus and/or bacon. (If you click to the original recipe, be sure to read the comments for other suggestions.) —Mark Finch

Makes 6-8 servings


2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup chopped onion
5 cups chicken stock, plus 1 cup water
1/2 cup orzo or rice 1 pound skinless chicken breast, diced in 1/4" - 1/2" cubes
Salt and freshly-ground white pepper
3 tablespoons lemon juice
3 eggs
Fresh parsley for garnish


Heat the olive oil in a medium pot and sauté the onions over medium-high heat until they are soft and translucent. While the onions are cooking, bring another pot of salted water to a boil and add the orzo or rice.

When the onions are ready, add the chicken stock and water and bring to a bare simmer — don’t let it boil. When the orzo or rice is nearly done, drain the boiling water and add the pasta or rice to the chicken broth. Add the diced chicken breast to the pot. Let this cook 5-8 minutes, then taste the soup and add salt and pepper to taste.

Beat the eggs in a bowl. Whisking constantly, add the lemon juice to the eggs. So the eggs won’t scramble when you add them to the hot soup, temper them before adding the egg-lemon mixture to the soup. With one hand, whisk the egg-lemon mixture vigorously; with the other, slowly pour in a ladle’s worth of hot broth. Do this at least twice (I did it three times).

Turn the heat off the soup. Whisk the soup with one hand while slowly pouring the hot egg-lemon mixture in with the other. Garnish with parsley and serve.