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"True" Buffalo-Style Wings

If you read our newsletter very often you know that I always look for the products of passionate people. Show me a passionate chef and I'll show you a great restaurant. Find a winemaker with a passion for grapes and you will usually find great wine! I received this recipe for Buffalo Wings from reader Jim Kromer, along with his family's stuffing recipe. Jim obviously has a passion for wings and has spent 10 years refining what may be the definitive Buffalo Wing recipe! Thanks to Jim for sharing his recipes!

2 to 6 pounds disjointed chicken wings
1/3 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 pound butter
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
pinch salt
2-4 tablespoons Tabasco sauce
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
12-15 ounces cayenne pepper sauce
vegetable oil
peanut oil

This recipe will make the BEST wings you have ever tasted! Read on for cooking instructions:

Wing Sauce:
In a large stockpot, preferably eight quarts, combine butter, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, cayenne pepper sauce, garlic powder, and Tabasco. Heat on lowest setting and stir until ingredients combine to make an orange/red mixture. Simmer ingredients for 5-10 minutes.

The best way to make wings is in a frying unit such as the Presto Fry Daddy or similar. You can make your wings in a chicken fryer or some other deep pot/pan but it makes quite a mess. In your fryer, combine your vegetable oil and your peanut oil. The measurements do not need to be exact here but you should be close to 2/3 vegetable oil to 1/3 peanut oil. This is important because this adds a very unique taste and texture to the wing. After your oils have been heated, drop in your wings and fry until they are golden brown. Once finished, remove them from the oil and place them on a paper plate with a paper towel between the wings and the plate. This prevents them from soaking in the excess oil and losing their crispiness.

Before you are ready to serve, place the wings back in the oil for a second time. This will assure you of a crispy wing.

The first mistake you will find when someone tries to make wings is in the wing itself. A Buffalo wing is not one that has been baked in the oven, not one that has been fried in a pan, not one that has been breaded, or one that has been cooked over an open flame. A true Buffalo wing MUST be deep fried for a crispy texture. There is nothing worse than biting into a Buffalo wing and having the meat fall all over you. Not to mention chewing on meat that would be better off in mom's noodle soup. I have spent over ten years perfecting this recipe, and I know you will be pleased with the results.

Above I mentioned the first mistake when making good Buffalo wings. The second mistake is not only how the sauce is prepared but how the sauce is applied to the wings. Contrary to popular belief, wings should not be boiled in or soaked in the hot sauce. What you end up with is a soggy, hot piece of chicken! After the sauce is prepared and the wings are finished, throw them in the mixture. Immediately put a lid on the stockpot and "shake" your wings until they are fully coated. Once your wings are coated, immediately remove them from the pot and put them on a serving dish. This should only take a few SECONDS! Do not let the wings soak in the sauce. Serve them with (of course) bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks.

Applying the Heat:
Another common mistake when making wings is where to get the heat. You've seen wings in restaurants that advertise MILD, HOT and SUICIDAL. But when you attempt to eat the suicidal wings you find chunks of hot pepper seeds. This is not the correct way to get extra heat onto your wings!!! This alters the flavor terribly. They become Mexicali hot chicken pieces! Also, extra hot sauce will not do it either! All that will do is make your wing sauce taste like a bottle of hot sauce. The true means of adding extra HEAT to your wings is with cayenne pepper, not more cayenne pepper sauce. I guarantee if you up the amount of cayenne pepper you add to your wing sauce it WILL be hotter. By adding cayenne pepper, you are not upsetting the ingredients in the sauce. If you would add cayenne pepper sauce, you would be drowning out all the other ingredients in the mixture.

1. Use bleu cheese dressing. This is not only original but wings taste terrible with Ranch or some other variation.

2. When serving your bleu cheese, make sure it is dippable. If your dressing is very thick, add a slight amount of milk to make more of a dipping sauce. The best dressing's I have found are Marie's Bleu Cheese dressing and Marzetti's Bleu Cheese Dip. The Marzetti's is my number one choice because you can buy it in a container that makes dipping easy.

3. Any cayenne pepper sauce will do, but make sure it is actually "Cayenne Pepper Sauce" and not just hot sauce. The brands I have found the best are Frank's Original or Trappeys Cayenne Pepper Sauce. Frank's is actually the original from the Anchor Bar and Grill in Buffalo, NY.

4. Celery.... if you don't already know, this is the "tamer." If someone eats a hot wing and starts sweating and drinking a lot of beer, have them eat some celery. This is what "tames" the heat.

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