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I knew if I checked my cooking Bible (The Joy of Cooking — even though I have hundreds of cookbooks, this is the one I always go back to for great food), I would find the recipe for Glogg. And I must admit the way Irma and Marion recount it, it will make for some pretty schmancy Christmas pyrotechnics. — Jill Ditmire

Makes 20 6-ounce servings
or enough for two hours of ice fishing!! Ha!

Heat separately in stainless steel pans, but do not boil.
2 quarts claret -- I am thinking Cabernet
2 quarts Aquavit -- Oh My! -- Wine Guy Note: Look for Aquavit in the "Scandinavian Rocket Fuel" department of your liquor store.

Place in the hot claret, the peel of 1 orange, and a silver tea ball (I would use cheesecloth) holding seeds from 4 cardamom pods and 12 whole cloves.

In a silver punch bowl, place 16 lumps of sugar. Pour over it 2 cups of the heated Aquavit and ignite it. (YOWZA!!) While it is still burning, pour in, so as to extinguish the flame, the rest of the Aquavit and red wine.

Meanwhile place in individual heated mugs (I bet Martha by mail can deliver these!) 3 or 4 blanched almonds, 3 or 4 seeded raisins. (This is a high fiber recipe.) Fill the mugs with the hot mixture and serve at once. (I say forget the fruit and spices — just drink the Aquavit straight up!)

Disclaimer of Liability

In keeping with the spirit of the season, while we are willing to share our recipes with you, we ARE NOT interested in sharing any of the liability that may arise as a result of you and your guests indulging in the results of said recipes. Therefore, L.D. Ventures LLC, d/b/a Grapevine Cottage and its employees, including the Wine Guy and the Winettes, along with the contributing author, Jill Ditmire, hereby disavow any responsibility for the negligent misuse of any product created from these receipes resulting in: (a) house fires caused by flaming Glögg (or flaming guests); (b) divorces and domestic upheaval caused by overindulgence in any of these recipes; (c) legal bills incurred while under the influence of these recipes; and (d) anatomical injuries incurred while combining naked ice fishing and Glögg consumption resulting in any body part sticking to the ice. Ergo, if you drink this stuff, stay at home.