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Hawaiian Punch Special

If you are looking for something less potent and much simplier than Glögg, here's another Yule Time recipe, here's another recipe from Jill that I think sounds just as tasty...if not more so.

From Ursula Knaeusel, chef/cookbook author/cooking school instructor from Atlanta, Georgia — she is a trip! Very knowledgeable and very fun! Jill Ditmire

Serves 6-8

One 750 ml bottle apple, peach, blackberry, raspberry or strawberry wine. Use an Indiana product -- Huber, Oliver, Andersons Orchard.
2 ounces frozen berry punch concentrate
6 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate
6 ounces rum, light or dark (Use dark rum for more flavor)
1 750 ml bottle champagne (Again, a chance for a regional sparkler -- Andersons, Huber or St. Julian from Michigan. Wine Guy Note: I disagree, use a good inexpensive Washington Sparkler)

Recipe Note: I would double the lemonade...keep frozen ingredients and rum the same...that dark stuff packs a flavorful punch...hence the name! You will get more punch with punch.