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1947 Fusion Eatery & Lounge

After reading the glowing review in the August edition of Indianapolis Monthly, we were fascinated with the idea of an upscale Indian Fusion restaurant in the land of strip center Indian buffets. Located in an out-lot center of the Castleton Mall, our first encounter was a Friday lunch. The entire restaurant, from the contemporary gray and beige interior to the very sleek cutlery and black matte plates, had a very fresh and upscale vibe. The decor was contemporary and clean, with photos of Indian landmarks accented with a classic British Royal Enfield motorcycle on display.

The menu is extensive but perhaps lacking in some detail, which we overcame the first time by ordering what was familiar. On our second encounter, we solved that issue by ordering more food that we could all eat.

We enjoyed our lunch, more about that later, but decided, based upon the lack of a wine selection to have our dinner encounter at home, where we like the wine list. They offer an extensive selection of beer and craft cocktails, but seem to have only found room for two wine choices - red or white from Chateau Ste. Michelle. Unfortunately, we couldn't determine what label or varietal they offered, perhaps because the server we asked probably isn't of drinking age, or maybe they just don't have much demand for wine.

In an attempt to adequately sample the menu, we recruited our son, Brad, and nephew, Zach, for their adventurous palates. Using Grub Hub, we proceeded to order two appetizers, five entrees, two different rice sides, and plenty of naan and roti. We should mention here that everything is ala carte, and if you want all you can eat for $15, there are plenty of storefront Indian buffets nearby. In any case, the food was delivered warm and promptly, in high-quality containers, and made for an interesting and delicious array of tastes.

We began with the classic Indian appetizer, Samosas, which were larger and much more flavorful than the ones we have had in the past. The two triangular pastries were filled with a masala of potatoes, peas, onions, and cumin and served with a tamarind sauce.... very good!

The second appetizer was something very different called crispy corn. It consisted of battered and fried whole corn kernels that had been tossed with onions, tomatoes, chilies, and cilantro, then.served with a delicious cilantro chutney....unusual and tasty, with a little lingering tongue burn.

On to the entrees...The Angara Tandoori Chicken was as you would expect - well executed with four pieces of nicely spiced bone-in chicken, baked to the classic tandoori red hue.

The Old Delhi Butter Chicken:was a great take on the traditional American favorite, with tender chunks of chicken in a slightly sweet tomato and butter sauce with a touch of ginger. It had an exceptionally creamy texture and layers of spice that made it a favorite for all of us.

On our first visit, we had the the Parsi Lamb Curry: boneless lamb infused with spices and a brown curry. It was reasonably mild but very rich and flavorful. This time we tried the Jaipuri Lal Maas, a boneless lamb curry, slow-cooked with yogurt and spiced chili that created a deep red sauce filled with a spicy complexity.

In a nod to our son, Brad, who has actually taken the trouble to find and cook goat at home, we chose the Shahi Korma, which features chunks of bone-in goat that, while a bit difficult to eat, had an enjoyable mild flavor. It also a had little more bone than goat, but the delicious, creamy cashew curry sauce made up for it, especially when served on the naan.

Speaking of naan, the garlicky, puffy pieces of traditional Indian flat bread were homemade and delicious. We also tried the Tandoori Roti, an unleavened flat bread made of whole wheat flour that, while good, was outshone by the naan.

We paired the entrees with plates of lemon rice and saffron rice, both of which made a great base for the curries. Just be careful with the whole chili peppers that come in the saffron rice - just ask Zach about eating them!

Our conclusion is that 1947 is a worthy addition to Indianapolis' dining scene. Next time we'll try eating at the restaurant for dinner, and hope for the best with the wine. And we should note that while Grub Hub did a good job of delivery, they do markup every item on the menu by one or two dollars.

1947 Fusion Eatery & Lounge

5846 E 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 288-0060