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Thai Cafe
Thai Cafe is well worth a try

They may not have imposing sculptures or expansive murals and it is hard to describe it as elegant and upscale, but the Thai Cafe has it where it counts - the food's good! Be warned, this food can hurt you! They offer mild to hot choices on a scale of 1 - 5. Linda is a solid 2 and I generally go with 3. I was once able to pretend that 4 is tolerable, but the beads of sweat on my forehead and bald spot gave me away.

The restaurant is small, but neat and clean with a somewhat strange decor that was left over from the previous tenant (I have no idea what the business was but it must have been pretty cosmic). The menu contsists of 12 appetizers and side dishes priced from $4.95 to $7.95 and 15 entrees at $7.95 to $9.95, with a full range of lunch specials at $6.95 ($7.95 with shrimp). The wine list is pretty simplistic, but a cold Thai beer is always a good option. We choose the same Bonny Doon Riesling as we had at P.F. Chang's because it's a great match for spicy food.

Each entree is served with a cup of wonderful, spicy Thai soup that varies from day to day. Our's was a brothy soup filled the the aromas of pork and fresh cilantro. Also included was a perfectly prepared, tiny spring roll filled with fresh vegtables and served with a plum based dipping sauce. Linda had her favorite, Padd Thai with shrimp. It's a mountain of lightly stir-fried rice noodles with bits of shrimp, egg, tofu, green onions, carrots, ground peanuts and bean sprouts. The dish is perfectly seasoned, prepared with out a hint of residual oil and is very difficult to stop eating. My Prad Prik Bai Horapa was slivers of pork stir-fried with garlic, onions, fresh sweet basil, red bell peper, carrots and chillis. Spiced at a level 3, it was formidable enough to require the fluffy rice it was served with to absorb some of the heat. Again, it was perfectly prepared, with the flavor of crisp vegtables and fragrant basil dominating the dish. Another dish we can recommend from previous visits is the Thom Yum. This entree soup is served in a large bowl filled with chicken or shrimp, lemon grass, lime juice, mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions and lots and lots of cilantro.

As much as I might long for a good, upscale oriental restaurant here in Indianapolis, you have to take good food where you find it. Thai Cafe has great carry out - pick some up on the way home and pair it with a big Aussie Shiraz or a good New Zealand Riesling!

Thai Cafe

1041 Broad Ripple Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220-2034
(317) 722-1008