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More Interesting Wine Numbers
A follow-up to "We're Number One"

Two weeks ago we published a piece called "We're Number One" that featured some interesting statistics on world wide wine production and consumption. The numbers showed the United States as now number one in the world for wine consumption even though we are still 64th in consumption per capita. That prompted a reader to forward me more interesting charts about wine production and consumption in the United States... thanks to Karl.

The first chart's left scale shows United States wine consumption and production over the last 20 years almost doubling from 450,000,000 gallons to almost 900,000,000. That's a big number! The right scale shows total per capita wine consumed in gallons very steady, even growth over the same period with a big plateau occurring in 2013 and sticking around through 2014. Pretty much what I would expect to see with Millennials embracing craft beer and bourbon... hopefully as they age they'll come back from the dark side.


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