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We're Number One!
Some Interesting Wine Numbers

Hearing that the United States was now number one in wine consumption I decided to take a look at world wine consumption and production statistics at the Wine Institute website, a California-based wine industry not-for-profit. They were so interesting that I created a couple of charts showing the top 20 consumers and producers of wine around the world.

We are indeed number one, consuming over 3.2 billion liters of wine per year. However on a per capita basis, at only 10.25 liters a year per person, we are pretty far down the road at number 64. France, the world's number one producer at almost 4.7 billion liters and number two consumer at 2.8 billion liters, is still only 6th in per capita consumption. The distinction of number one per capita consumer of wine falls to Vatican City, population 836, who consume 54.25 liters per person and I doubt that it is all at Mass. This beats number two Andorra's, population 85,082, 46.26 liters per person by 9 liters.

And who would have thought that Russia would be the 11th largest wine producer and 9th largest consumer of wine in the world! Or that China comes in 9th in production with over a billion liters and 5th in consumption at 1.6 billion liters, but with only 1.2 liters consumption per person. Finally, it should be no surprise that lowest consumer of wine in the world would be Yemen at 6 thousand liters, or about 2.4 milliliters per person... that's 7 one hundredths of an ounce.


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