Wine Articles

Ratings and Reviews

Another New Face in Wine Reviewing
Jeb Dunnuck

Big Changes in the Wine Business
Wine Advocate, Tanzer's IWC & Galloni's Vinous

Wine Publications: What We Think...
Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Wine Publications: What We Think...
Wine Spectator

Wine Publications: What We Think...
Wine Enthusiast

Wine Competitions vs. Wine Reviews
The Wine Guy's Opinion

The Judgement of Paris
The wine tasting that changed the world

How We Review Wine
The Diference Between Wine Tasting and Wine Drinking

How We Select Wine...
A policy statement

Laws, Sausages and Wine Reviews
Here's an addition to Otto Von Bismarck's adage about things you don't want to watch being made... laws, sausage, and wine reviews!
A Policy Statement

A Culture of Excess
Celebrating d'Arry Osborn's Birthday (d'Arenberg)

The Varietals

Wine Varietal Basics-White Wines
The whites

Wine Varietal Basics-Red Wines
The reds

The Lost Grape of Bordeaux

Petit Verdot
The Orphan Grape of Bordeaux

Sideways About Pinot Noir
Thoughts on a very difficult varietal...

The Power of Popular Culture - Merlot
Can a grape file a defamation lawsuit?

Dessert & Cocktail Wine

Vintage Madeira
The Ageless Wines

Aperitivos, Digestivos, Cherries & Bitters

Sparkling Wine

Thoughts on Sparkling Wine
If you stick your nose in the air, you’ll miss some good ones

Happy New Year
Thoughts on Sparkling Wine


Trouble in California
The 2010 and 2011 Vintages and why prices are heading up.

A Contrast in Styles
Visiting Miner and Elyse Wineries on the same day..

“Proprietor’s Unfiltered Special Barrel Select
Grand Private Reserve”

A brief guide to understanding American wine labels

Thomas Jefferson
Founding Father of American Wine...

Washington's Columbia Valley
The Perfect Wine Region


Australian Wine Basics
Land of the big, easy drinkers!

Australian Stickies
Over the top dessert wines


Reading German Wine Labels
Jennifer Rosen of the Rocky Mountain News deciphers, the biggest mystery in all of winedom!


The Misunderstood Wines of Spain


A Port Primer
An incomplete guide to Port style wines


A brief guide to Italian Wine Classifications
When "where it’s from” is more important than "what it is!”


What's in the Bottle?
A guide to reading French wine labels

Let Them Eat Cake
Thoughts on the French wine industry in 2004

A little history

French Wine
A quick and incomplete guide

Questioning Bordeaux

Thoughts on Beaujolais Nouveau
The Wine Guy's annual rant about "Bubble Gum" wine!

South America

The Wines of Chile
The real vines

Decanting, Serving and Preserving Wine

Wine Etiquette
The proper way to enjoy your wine

A Science Fair Project
We test wine-chilling inserts

How Cold is Too Cold?
A chilling limitation to cold temperature

Thoughts About Decanting
The best way to improve red wine

The Truth About Wine Cellars
According to the Wine Guy

Swirling & Sniffing
Learn to "wine speak" with your nose

Tasting vs. Drinking
There is a difference....

How Cold is your Chardonnay?
Tips on interpreting winespeak and serving wines

A Bottle’s Highest Calling /A Wedding Tradition
Some ideas deserve to become tradition

48 Hours
A Wine Preservation Test

Blending Your Own Bordeaux
Have fun and learn something too

Bottle Shock
& Other Wine Quality Mysteries?

Out, Damned Spot!
An Endorsement

Old World vs. New World Wines
Dare to Compare

Wine & Cheese
Wine Pairing Basics

From the Legal Department

Indiana Sunday Alcohol Sales Pt. 1
How do you feel?

Indiana Sunday Alcohol Sales Pt. 2
You feel srongly!

Indiana’s New Direct Shipping Law
So you thought you could get wine shipped back....

The Shipping Saga Continues
So now direct shipping is legal, but there’s a catch....

The Down Side of Globalization
Wine as an Investment?

The Good, The Bad and
The Cork(ed)

The Crystals Won't Hurt You
Tartrate Crystals in Wine

Bottle Shock
& Other Wine Quality Mysteries

Sommelier vs. Critics
Who knows best?

The Somm Knows Best!
Oh, really?

Trusting the Sommelier?
Buyer beware

We Join the WSJ Wine Club
Maybe not such a good idea

We Join the Firstleaf Wine Club
Where all that Bulk Juice Goes

Bad Wine
Finding Faults

Bad Wine 101
How to tell the diffrence between bad wine and a bad bottle

Bad Wine 202
Where are the screw tops? A TCA rant.

More Bad Wine
A third annual Wine Guy TCA rant

The Wine Industry’s Dirty Little Secret...
The Wine Guy's Fourth Annual Corked Wine Tirade!

Speed It Up!
The Wine Guy’s Fifth Annual Corked Wine Tirade

Dirty Little Secret
The Wine Guy's Sixth Semi-annual Corked Wine Tirade!

What's in Your Wine? Part I
A secret ingredient, Mega-Purple

What's in Your Wine? Part II
A secret ingredient, Mega-Purple

Organic, Biodynamic and Sulfites

Why are there Sulfites in My Wine?
The Truth About Sulfites - I Think

Sulfite-Free Wines
A closer look at sulfite-free wines from Derek Gray of Graybull Organic Wines.

A Guide to Organic and Biodynamically Grown Grapes
You can’t judge a wine by its label

Wine Stuff and Trivia

Two Glasses of Wine
Always room for a couple of glasses with friends

Myths About Wine
Don't believe everything you hear

How Many Grapes in a Bottle of Wine?
Jeopardy trivia

Old Vines
How old is old enough?

We're Number One!
Some interesting wine numbers

More Interesting Wine Numbers
A follow-up to "We're Number One!"

Why Can't I Buy This in Indiana?
Why you can't find a particular wine here

Wine Moments
Stop looking, you might ruin the memory

Why Oak Barrels?
Why oak is used for wine aging

Some Thoughts on Food and Wine Pairing
A subjective look

A Little Stress is Good
...for grapevines, that is.

Wine Numbers
A little numeric wine trivia

Wine Quotes
From Hemingway to Thurber

Wine Speak
A lst of adjectives describing what you're drinking

Wine Terms
Twenty wine terms you should understand

A Wine Crossword Puzzle
Test your wine knowledge!

Rules of Thumb
An incomplete guide to wine etiquette